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Our Services

We can get the furniture you want.

If we do not have the furniture that you desire in our showroom, we can get it for you. You won't know if we don't have it, however, until you make a visit to see our showroom, so please stop by and see our excellent range of quality Amish furniture!

We can order custom furniture for you.

We take custom orders based on the furniture on display and also thousands of catalog items from which to choose. If you like a specific item, but don't like the wood type, size, or finishing, we are able to get you a piece of furniture that fits your needs. We handle sizing requests and allow you to choose the type of wood used to make your furniture. If you want, we can build your furniture from the ground up!

Be sure to contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding our custom furniture offerings. We are glad to be of service to you and want to deliver beautiful Amish furniture that will be a lasting part of your home.